Top 10 latest Digital Marketing trends in 2020

Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

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Today’s time of internet has opened digital marketing opportunities for businesses. For digital marketing businesses, they use different channels of digital marketing and share their products and services through digital mediums and gain many customers to grow their business.

The main aspects of digital marketing will be considered to help the marketer to understand better what digital marketing is, how it works and how it can help them to optimize their marketing goals. As a digital marketer, you should be aware of changes in technologies and stay ahead in the market. This will help them to develop their business and generate leads and interact with many customers.

There are various latest trends for digital marketing


Many companies make use of chatbots that are very effective software programs that interact with website visitors and customers. It helps people to view the site and communicate their questions in the real world.

Chatbots either use verbal interaction or chat windows to provide users with exactly what they are looking for.

Benefits of using chatbots

  1. It saves time: –chatbots answers all kinds of questions quickly so that it saves the time of the customer and make the user take decision faster.

      2.Customer satisfaction: -chatbots do not take time to rest. It provides information correctly for customers and increase the conversion rate.

  1. Good humor: –you will never hear the complaint of any customers because chatbots never get moody. It is informative in all qualities and makes customers feel at ease by giving an accurate answer for each question.

2.Private messaging app

As 2020 approaches many companies started thinking about how to utilize the private messaging app. Smartphone apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Wechat are gaining popularity. Most of the companies use the private messaging group to interact with customers now able to pay for products and it becomes easier for sending and receiving money.

3.Artificial Intelligence

AI uses different features such as chatbots and voice assistants to find the answer quickly. It referred to as a robot or machine and it can also collect data to improve the user’s future experiences. It is used in business operation. To do business AI goes on changing the way brands. For a digital marketer, they can easily connect with audiences through their brands. 

Artificial intelligence is transforming customers through services for a digital marketer to increase efficiency and they optimize the user experience. An example of AI is to provide customer services to users with the help of chatbots. AI can use the information to market similar products for what users are interested in. This will help you to target your audience with customized content.

4.Hyper-Targeted advertising

To market their products many companies, use digital ads. Most of the consumers ignore these ads and try to stay away from that product or brand. If your brand keeps constantly displaying ads about their specific product or services then customers respond to buy that product. Most of the companies targeting audience and users just viewing and giving respond to relevant ads.


Companies are using some form of personalization. They built their internet business by knowing customer behavior and promote their products by analyzing their past purchase history. It is truly key to successful digital marketing. It is the best tool for increasing conversion rate that is why some marketers are trying to improve their marketing efforts. 

6.New customer behavior

 i)Companies will have to work with influencers: -86% of women are consulting with social media before deciding on a product and it is important all     consumers want brands or product friendly, helpful and to be honest.

 ii)companies will have to focus on video content: – Most of the people have 

 watched a video explaining their product or services.


Many companies also increase their transparency as customers to gain their trust.

Companies will be required to be transparent on what kind of information is shared to promote their products.

How to improve transparency

  • You should respond immediately if any customer asks you any questions related to their business.
  • Selling is not only your goal
  • If your dealing with customers you should respond in a friendly manner and honestly.
  • Try to encourage people to give different suggestions which helps them to improve their products or brand.


8. Growth in Digital marketing

To meet new customers, you need to develop your product or services in such a way that all targeted audience should be aware of products. It is a form of marketing that measures how a company achieving marketing goals to their brand or product. Digital marketing can help you to increase business visibility on the website and help many companies to connect with their customers through their products or services. For better internal research and development digital marketing provides businesses with the resources and tools. It is only crucial for small and medium businesses to keep up they are doing everything to connect with customers.

9.Voice powered-search

With the growth in technology, we will start to see more people will use smartphones with voice assistants. If you’re doing any business you need to use voice search. It will help in the growth of Local SEO and mobile users by adding value. It also boosts the use of artificial intelligence and the most important related searches.

Tips for Power Search Optimization

  • Understand the Language: –when people use a search engine, to get specific keywords to their long sentences. Therefore, they get the opportunity to optimize their keywords in voice search results and complete the sentences using longer keywords.
  • Be conversational:In your website implement voice search, when you create the text use a conversational tone and remember that sentences must be complete and grammatically correct.
  • Answer Question: – Most people get information from the internet about their products or services. They get all solutions related to their queries through internet research. Always remember that when you create content for voice searches. Then add any questions related to your product or services so people may concern with and provide you detailed answer for the product.