Make the best use of the Lockdown

Digital Marketing during lockdown

As we all know the whole world is facing a critical situation due to the sudden eruption of CoronaVirus (COVID-19). The disease has eargerd all the states of India to shut down on any type of activity and movement of people. The Virus (COVID-19) has no cure. The whole nation is still trying to find an antidote for this disease. Unless and until we get the solution for this, the states have announced lockdown for the country of India. It is being said that the only way to break down the chain of COVID-19 is to stay at home and will restrict the transmission of the virus from one person to another.


As responsible citizens of India, we are following this rule “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. But as we know this has created a full stop to many things though for a temporary period. This has encouraged a lot of industries to start being digital. A few things that have already been digitized are the payment options, online health care experts are there, people who are working in the IT sector have started working from home, even in the education sector the students are being taught online, the exams are being conducted online. Every industry is trying to find a way to keep their industry in a working way by some of the other means. 


We being an Institute providing Digital Marketing Course in Pune have decided to help the students wanting to learn digital marketing. Let us make the use of this lockdown. Do not see this lockdown as a full stop to your education or upcoming career. Here we will provide you with the things you can do during this lockdown, to begin with, your Digital marketing. Look at this opportunity for an Online Digital Marketing Course.  

 So here is what you need to do to start with Digital Marketing Course:

  1. Data analysis 

Understanding your customers is a must. Knowing your customers’ needs will help you deliver the right set of products/services resulting in happy customers. To know your target audience and their requirements you need to do data analysis. Data analysis can be done with the help of different techniques and also with software available. 

Now what is this data you need to collect and how will you get the data of your target audience? This data is present in the form of online transactions, content consumed, search queries, and other hints relevant for your business. 

Collecting this data is useless if you don’t know what digital marketing strategy you can apply to this data so that you can extract the most out of it. For this our digital marketing trainers are there to guide you with the analysis. 


  1. Work on your writing and editing skills

The foundation of any digital marketing strategy is content. As it is said by experts, “Content is King” focus on creating eye-catching and informative content. Content writing will mainly include writing blogs and articles. Besides this content marketing consists of creating content with desired keywords for landing pages. Content is not about selling but about helping your audience get the right information needed by them. 

Unique content is a must for digital marketing strategy as google algorithms consider unique and fresh to rank in SERP. You can make the use of different content optimization tools to make sure your content is proper in terms of grammar like Grammarly, ginger, plagiarism checker, etc. 

With this, you have completed the first step. Our digital marketing experts will then help you to optimize the content for SEO.


  1. Develop listening skills 

A common mistake done by brands is they focus too much on promotion. Promotions may get your audience but for a successful business, you need this audience to be your customers leading to sales. The promotion will not help to build a good customer relationship. 

Based on the data analysis you have done before you can know the requirements of your customers and based on the data create content accordingly. To be a successful digital marketer you will require the skills of a good content writer. Listen to your audience and don’t force them to listen to you. 


  1. Social Media skills

One big arena for public conversation is the internet and linking to this are social media platforms. There are so many social media platforms you can target for brand awareness and targeting audiences. See this as an opportunity to engage people with your business. Analyze which platform works best for what kind of business. 

You may be familiar with most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and many more. So it will be easy for you to know how each platform performs and how you can engage customers. 

The platforms have significantly evolved to accommodate digital marketing needs. So what we will do is, teach you how to run social media advertising, boosted posts, implement hashtags, create business pages, join and create groups, and more. 


  1. Email marketing skills

Consider thinking out of the box when it comes to email marketing. It is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies. One of the kinds that directly target your customers and is considered to be the most effective way. 

Email marketing campaigns revolve around three things – the use of the right tools, metrics, and strategies. We are here to help you out with these three factors. You focus on creating innovative emails, email marketing lists and running an email campaign. 

 Besides this what skills a company would require in a digital marketer that you need to focus on are:

 Digital marketing is about content strategy. But consistency in content can be boring for your customers. So what is the alternative for this?

There is a lot. Images….

When text becomes boring add some spice to it in the form of attractive images. Build images for your social media platforms. Work upon the color combinations, the fonts and the elements used in the images. Design an engaging website. This doesn’t mean you need to be a specialized designer. Remember as digital marketers we depend on web developers for website design, for content on content writes, for images on designers but what in case they are not available. Will the work stop? No, don’t be the reason for a full stop. Digital marketers are commas to every problem. If there is no designer available at that moment for minor changes to be made you must know how to do it using simple tools. So enhance your skills for things. Small things sometimes play big roles. 

Also, improve your communication and presentation skills. Try generating reports in XML. Build up your personality to be a digital marketing leader. 

This will help you to build a strong foundation for your digital marketing skillsets. And rest will be taken care off by Digital Dnyan Academy. We provide advanced digital marketing course in Pune with 40+ modules. We see to it that each of our students get a good quality of knowledge and are trained with industry requirements. We will provide you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the latest digital marketing tools so that you are able to compete with a person having 10years of experience in the same field of digital marketing. For further queries, we are here to help you online during this lockdown. Feel free to contact us >>