How to Engage Your Audience With Guest Posting

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Summary : Guest Posting also known as – Guest Blogging – is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships,exposure,authority and links.
Guest Posting establishes relationships with the blogger hosting your post,and helps you establish authority among the audience.
Links are the primary ranking factor in Google and in SEO guest posting offers a strong opportunity to secure a link back from another website.
In simple terms,you write a blog article according to the requirements of a particular blogger and get a backlink in return,usually at the bottom of the article which is called “Author Signature”.

I believe Guest Posting is an effective link building tactic. It is the single most important strategy for growing your platform and attracting the right visitors to your website. We are here to let you know Guest Posting in detail.

Before we start, learn What is Guest Posting?
Guest Posting also known as “Guest Blogging”, means writing and publishing the content/article on someone else’s blog or website. Guest blogger writes for similar blogs within their business or industry to –

    • Build Relationship with peers
    • Attract traffic back to their website
    • Increase brand awareness and credibility
    • Boost their domain authority

Guest posting offers mutual benefits to both- website which is hosting the guest content and the guest blogger.

Why is Guest Posting important for your Business?
Guest posting offers many benefits for businesses. By sharing your content on other websites will help you to stand in the market in a good position, build relationships with other leaders, and introduce your brand to new audiences. There are three reasons why every blogger should do guest posting to build their online influence.

guest posting -tutorials
  1. Guest posting introduces you to new people

If you do guest posting in the right way then it allows you to connect with new people. The best part of it is, it allows you to enter an already established community and share your content. Once you started guest posting, try to add value to the discussion you’re doing, which results in more readers, fans, and followers. In reverse, if you’re always asking and selling, perhaps you become famous but may lose your reputation.

So, add value. Help people. Be patient, gradually you win!!

  1.  Guest posting Builds relationships

No one is interested in reading board content. Everyone including bloggers needs good content. After you started guest posting with valuable content on other websites, definitely you’re going to build relationships with people.

Building relationships leads to increasing your friend circle. This ultimately grows your influence on the internet and social media which leads to more blog subscribers.

   3.Guest posting is great for Search Engines

Host bloggers must include a link to your blog in the content post-somewhere-at the beginning or end. By the time, these backlinks increase the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find via Search Engines.

Few Important things to remember about Guest Post

  • Guest posts must be well written. Search Engines are beginning to get choosy like people.
  • Guest posts must be topic driven. People just want to read them to get the best value.
  • People want to share them via Social Media. Sharing boosts relationships.

Few guidelines of being a Good Guest 

  • Link to the post from your blog
  • Share it on Social media
  • Promote it on Social Media(Twitter several times)
  • Thank the person
  • Respond to the comments on the post

Now it’s time to know why Guest posting matters,

According to Search Engine Guru Atul, guest posting on other sites is five times valuable as creating new content for your website. Guest Posting is an excellent strategy for extending your reach and boosting your reputation online.

If you’re not satisfied with your blog traffic and not posting on any other people’s blog, then don’t worry. Start the guest posting today to increase your online influencers.

Define the terms

BlogBlog is a regularly updated website or web page.Typically updated by an individual or group.It displays information is reverse chronological order,with latest post appearing first.

Search Engine A search engine is a web based tool or software that enables users to locate information on the world wide web.

Backlinks A backlink is simply a link from one website to another.Backlinks are important to SEO.

Blogger A Blogger is someone who runs and controls the blog.Google provides a free tool as Blogger to create and promote blogs without budget.

Guest postGuest post refers to writing and publishing the content/article on someone else’s blog or website.