Should Google Pause Algorithm updates during COVID – 19 outbreak?

Google Algorithm update march 2020

Google algorithms – Can recall of so many things. The significance of these algorithms is to instantly provide the best possible results for a query. As we all know Google constantly updates its algorithms as a result of which we can see fluctuation in Search Engine Ranking. Initially, Google started with a handful of updates but now is coming up with thousands of changes every year.

Some of the updates can have a huge impact on ranking whereas others can go unnoticed. Let’s know why these updates were introduced –
Launch date February 24, 2011
The update looks after – duplicate content in a website, key stuffing, thin and plagiarized content and user-generated spam.
Launch date April 24, 2012
The update looks after – Irrelevant links, spam links, links with over-optimized anchor text.
Launch date August 22, 2013
The update looks after- Keyword stuffing and low-quality content.
Launch date July 24, 2014 (US); December 22, 2014 (UK, Canada, Australia)
The update looks after – Weak on-page and off-page optimization
Launch date April 21, 2015
The update looks after – Mobile optimization and mobile responsiveness
Rank Brain
Launch date October 26, 2015
The update looks after – Poor UX, lack of query-specific relevance features
The update looks after – Tense competition in your target location
The update looks after – Thin, affiliate-heavy or ad-centered content

Let’s talk about the latest SEO updates that took place in Mar 2020.
There were a total of four SEO updates that took place in Mar 2020…one of which is still unconfirmed. The first update took place on 2 Mar 2020 which was titled “Google Weekend Search Algorithm Ranking Fluctuations & Chatter”. The second update took place on 3 Mar 2020 which was titled “ March 2020 Google Webmaster Report ”.The third update was a contradicting one i.e. “SEO update during COVID-19 outbreak” – 17 Mar 2020. And then there is the news of “Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update last Week” – 18 Mar 2020.

Should Google Pause Algorithm updates during COVID – 19 outbreak
As we all know Google keeps on updating its algorithm so did it on 17 Mar 2020. The question of google imposing algorithm updates should be paused due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As people are already facing a crisis would it be ok if Google came up with a major algorithm update People had their different opinions but most of them were on the side that the update must be paused.
The 6040 ratio clearly depicted that people wanted a pause on Google Algorithmic update as it could affect some of their ranking scores badly and it would rather take a long time to get back to those positions.
But some of them also said “It doesn’t matter, even if they keep all the updates in the queue and release them after the COVID-19 outbreak the SERP will go nuts! So holding back will not make any difference as sooner or later whatever they plan to update will be put in place.”

In my opinion, holding or pausing up on the Google algorithm won’t help and should be rolled out if they are ready with the updates. The reason is that if Google pauses the updates there is an exact date or month announced for the rescue of COVID-19. So the question will again arise how long will the updates be paused And the next reason could be the piling up of Google updates. That will cause huge chaos and fluctuation in ranking and adjusting up with these updates will be a disaster for SEOs.
So let the Google algorithm updates roll out…..