Why Google Chrome will block mixed content [Updated]

Chrome block mixed content
Digital Dnyan

Google announced few days ago that google chrome will block web page that have mixed content from the beginning of December 2019.
Mixed Content? What are you talking about? Don’t worry folks we are here to help you out.

What exactly is “Mixed Content” means?
Mixed content means when initial HTML loaded from secure HTTPS connection, but other resources like (images, videos etc.) loaded from HTTP connection then this is known as mixed content

How chrome will work to handle mixed content?

From the beginning of December 2019, Google will take two major steps to handle mixed content.
Google will introduce toggle feature to chrome users, so chrome users can use to toggle feature to unblock insecure resources (http) that chrome is blocking.
Although it will not be considered as full blocking, because users may bounce back from the site. This will be a bad experience for website publishers which may cause an increase in bounce rate, decrease in traffic and ad views. Google will auto upgrade http content to https if that resources exists on https.

How to fix Mixed Content?
There are many ways to Fix mixed content for websites.
But let me introduce you to the simple ways of fixing mixed content

WordPress Plugin– “Really simple SSL”, a lightweight plugin, which automatically detects your site setting and configures your site to run over https.

Jitibit SSL checker – This is absolutely free SSL checker tool that can scan up to 400 pages, of your website.