Digital Marketing and Its Scope For Career Development

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet. It is a type of marketing method where we promote our Products or Services through online channels. In simple words, we are promoting our business to a customer who are using the internet.
However, in day-to-day life market forces have made sure that you either start doing digital marketing or fail. Because as compared to digital marketing, traditional marketing is extremely inefficient and ineffective. In fact, if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy and online presence, consumers are shut away from you and buy from a competitor.

Nowadays, most of the companies realize the importance of a digital marketing, and it is not an any optional strategy in marketing anymore. They are catching up late, but they have to catch up, there is no other option.

What are the Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing ?
Digital marketing is the key to hold an in-demand profession. Apart from these, there is a broad scope of Internet marketing as promoting and branding business through digital media is the fastest and reliable mode of marketing to target mass audience. There are various job positions available under digital marketing like Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Content Writers, Inbound Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists, Search Engine Marketers, SEO Executives, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Copy Writers, Email Marketer and many more.
If you have some working experience on different projects and any certifications in digital marketing that show their skills; then you will be hired easily. Such digital marketing experts are in huge demand and companies look for these kind of people now a days. Become a Top Class Digital Marketer with Digital Dnyan Academy

Different Role of Digital Marketer :
A Digital Marketing Manager are capable of managing the entire work of the organization starting from the planning to execution, promotional events to advertisements and much more. It looks after the overall marketing development devising strategies that will drive more traffic, managing the digital marketing team and reporting to VP (Vice President) of the company, undertaking digital marketing campaigns, making improvements in website and updating it regularly etc. The salary package of digital marketing experts ranges from 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum.

Role in Social Media Optimization :
Social media marketing has two areas. One of the area is spreading the owned content via social media channels. Second one is Maintaining your (your business and Brands) social Media presence regularly.  The Social Media Manager is responsible to maintain a social media marketing campaigns and daily activities including developing relevant content to reach the company’s target clients. They can create, and manage all published content (images, video and written).

Search Engine Marketer :
Search Engine Marketing is the most important aspects of digital marketing. It is a broad term to define marketing via the search engines. It commonly makes use of the pay-per-click (PPC) also called as cost-per-click (CPC), the process that utilizes an auction and ranking system to decide an order of each particular ads. Because Google is the important search engine and search engine marketing is always referred to marketing through Google Ad. Most of the important work is involved in analysis, bid management, keyword research, ad copywriting and split testing the ad campaigns. Become a Google Adwords Expert with 2 Months of extensive training in Pune

Role as a SEO Executive :
SEO is a way to increase the number of visitors to a website by getting a high-ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP). Managing the entire websites such as organizing the designs, creating the contents are some of the most extreme numbers of the SEO employers across the world. SEO executive job is to do a keyword research, user experience optimization, using Google webmaster tool and Google Analytics, getting pages indexed, manage duplicate content, A site cannot be performed in a well-defined manner until you have an expert SEO specialist with you. SEO experts will report to the digital marketing managers and they mostly do not manage a team. Sometimes there will two SEO experts working on the one particular team and they will give constant feedback to the product and web development team. You become a SEO Executive with SEO Training in Pune

Conversion Rate Optimization Executive
CRO is the art of increasing the conversion rate in each stage of the marketing funnel. The CRO expert can be just the another person in the digital marketing team but he/she will work with a group of people. For example, a CRO expert can help the inbound marketing manager in creating landing pages that convert well. A CRO Expert uses various tools to achieve higher conversions. Increasing conversion rate is important at each stage of the funnel. A conversion rate optimization expert uses different types of tools to reach higher conversions.
Web analytics is a process of analyzing the performance of a website. It is a most fascinating aspect of digital marketing. Google Analytics gives a comprehensive insight into how a particular site is working.

Email Marketing Executive
The Email marketing is an important part of any business branding, and we need to choose those trends that suit with our customer profile and business objective. Our emails should reflect our quality and use professional email templates. It should be the base of our email marketing campaign. It is the process of sending a commercial message to the group of people, using email. Every email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered as email marketing. Contact Database Management & Segmentation in the Email Marketing are two important criteria for Email marketing success. The Reasons we Need Email Marketing in our business is because Email marketing is cost-effective, You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing, You can automate the email marketing process, You can make your email marketing interactive, You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts. The responsibility of an Email Marketing executive is to Identify target audience and grow email list, Design and implement direct email marketing campaigns, Proofread emails for clarity, grammar and spelling, Ensure mobile-friendly email templates, Write newsletters including all company updates, Upgrade our email templates using graphics, personalization and advanced features, Ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients via email to minimize unsubscribes, Create email databases for lead generation, Analyze campaign performance and suggest improvements, Report on sales revenue generated from email marketing efforts, Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices.