Major Black Hat SEO Techniques that will harm your Website Google Ranking

Black hat SEO techniques

There are three main techniques are used in SEO.
1) White Hat SEO.
2) Black Hat SEO.
3) Gray Hat SEO.
These three techniques are used in SEO or page ranking, but mostly if you want long-term result then white hat SEO is the best technique it takes time but results are long-term and stable, in black hat SEO results are so fast and quick, but it’s unethical technique of page ranking. Once Google finds that user uses black hat technique then it’s get penalized or banned. In gray hat SEO technique, both techniques are used.

Black Hat SEO 
Black hat SEO is commonly known as unethical or disapproved practice it will increase page ranking results, it gives you so fast so quick and short-term results These practices are against the search engine’s guidelines and can result in the site being banned from the search engine. Black Hat SEO
frequently used by those who are looking for a quick financial return on their website, rather than long-term investment on their website. Black hat SEO may also be referred to as unethical SEO or spamdexing, as spamdexing is a frequently used black hat SEO practice.

Top Black Hat Techniques which Affect SEO Ranking

1) Content Automation
Content automation process means creating a website content by using an automatic tool or script and it comes under black hat.

2) Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are created for manipulation of search engine. A doorway page is a web page and keyword stuffed page which redirect after a few minutes to another page. Mostly Doorway page is creating spam indexing. This way Door pages are created for misleading Search Engine and its comes under black hat seo.

3) Hidden text and links
Hidden text is that text which is visible to search engine spiders but not visible to a user and mostly this technique is used for spamming the search engine. By hiding keywords in a hidden text you may be spam search engine for a limited amount of time but not for a long time.

4) Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is considered as webspam or spamdexing in this keywords are loaded into WebPages, Meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text to gain the unfair rank advantage in search engine.

5) Reporting a Competitor
Reporting competitor has also come under black hat SEO, if you submitting a spam report to Google webmaster then it’s actionable.

6) Sneaky Redirects

This is a misleading technique of user. Sneaky redirect sends the user to different URL than the user requested URL this technique also comes under black hat.

7) Clocking
In this technique create two different pages where the page content is presented to search engine spider is different from that which is being presented to the user this technique not come under the search engine guideline.

8) Link schemes
Any link which manipulates page rank or site rank in Google search result considered part of a link scheme and violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines in this include any behavior that manipulates link to your site or outgoing link from your site.

9) Article Spinning
Article spinning is the process of re-writing an article and new original copies in an attempt to avoid duplicate content in short by writing an existing article to communicate that idea without using the same sentence is called article spinning.

10) Link farm, link wheel, link network
The term link farm refers to another form of link collection that redirect to a certain destination. A link farm is a bunch of sites that contain a lots of hyperlinks to an to an assigned address These are the technique are used in black hat SEO it gets you fast results but it does not follow Google guidelines.

Why should you avoid black hat SEO?
Because use of this technique your website gets banned from Google and other search engines. Hundreds of millions of surfer surf on Google per day, can you really afford to be de-indexed? So it may give you quick results but not for the long term. Black hat SEO techniques are for those who are doing short-term work. For getting best and long-term result always prefer white at SEO it gives you the most organic and long-term existence on the search engine.