Top 15 Email Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Business


Ecommerce Email Marketing tips to increase your Business ROI

There is a lot we can do to increase our business return on investment(ROI), but today I will be helping out e-commerce websites with email marketing tips to increase their business ROI. It’s not easy to get e-commerce sites ranked on Search Engines, but also remember nothing is impossible. So here I am to share with you my experience and tell you about the tactics that can help you increase your business ROI with the help of Email marketing.

Though there are many digital marketing tactics available to acquire, email marketing is the oldest but the best and effective way to engage your target customers. That’s why nowadays many small business and Ecommerce websites are showing their interest in Email marketing as a way to reach their customers with personalized and relevant messages at the right time. Email marketing is popular due to its consistent growth in global users and Ecommerce business.
If you are still confused whether email marketing works these days let me tell you it is performing its best day by day. If you have already started with Email marketing or thinking to increase your business ROI with Email marketing then here we come up with some tips for Email marketing.

Before we start, learn what Ecommerce Email Marketing is?

It is the art of using email to generate sales for your business which helps in ROI.
Ultimately it is the practice of sending marketing messages to prospective and current customers via email to sell, educate, or build loyalty which helps you grow your Ecommerce business on a large scale.

Email Marketing – Key success to Ecommerce Business
As a business owner, you must have this question in your mind…
How new visitors will come back to you?
Yes, the answer is through email marketing.
Building an email list and sending an email will give you the way to retain your targeted customers or traffic.

Here are a few reasons to adopt email marketing for your Ecommerce website.
– Build ongoing customer relationships.
– Effective in driving sales.

Ecommerce Email marketing tips to increase your ROI

1. Effective subject line
You only have one chance to get subscribers to open your emails and that begins and ends with your subject line. If your subject line is effective then only your subscribers click to enjoy your amazing content!!
Once you create an effective subject line, create some sort of urgency into your subject line. Urgency makes your customers feel they have to take some action very quickly. Use phrases like- “hurry up”, “last chance” to grab the attention of your subscribers. Make a practice to write an effective subject line which forces subscribers to open your email.

2. Welcome automation
When a customer lands on your website for the first time you need to have some way or a popup to get them to voluntarily give you their email address. Once you have their email, greet them with welcome automation. Use these components,
Say “Hi”.
Offer them a coupon.
Provide value.
Use a proper call to action button once you added these components.

3. Email content
With Ecommerce email marketing your email content should be powerful that converts and engages your subscribers. After all, you are trying to sell your products and no one wants to read boring email contents..Use powerful words like “Best Selling”, “Improved and New”.By using these words you are making your products more appealing.
In Ecommerce email marketing, Don’t just tell subscribers about your product or service. Tell them how they will feel when they use or wear your product. How will it benefit them and make their lives easier? Powerful content puts a huge impact on people.

4. Splitting up
Splitting your audience into groups can help increase your email open rates, build better relationships and help them to be more social with your customers, which helps put the right products in front of the right people.
List splitting allows you to control who sees what. You will be able to send emails to people who have already made a purchase and people who haven’t. Or even people who have purchased a specific product on your site. You can also segment by which landing page subscribers use to give you their information. Splitting up customers allows you to easily target the right people. Splitting up the audience leads to a more click-through rate which generates higher sales.

5. Know your audience

It is so important in Ecommerce email marketing to appeal to your audience…Who is your audience? Their age – are they younger, older or somewhere in between? What words sound good to them? For Ecommerce business owners if you are using words that they understand, your audience will feel closer to you and be more prone to buy.
When you use a subject line that reproduces with your audience, then your subscribers will be more inclined to open it. After all, you’re speaking their language!
Arranging the perfect email for your business, splitting your lists, and good email content helps you to build a good repo and relationship with your audience.


If you’re an online retailer, using email marketing should be a top-level priority.

If you don’t take advantage of these marketing strategies, you’re going to be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Once you have a list of subscribers, you can experiment with some of the email campaigns described above.

If you really want to kick things into overdrive, you’ll want to give segmentation a go as well.

Start implementing now and you’ll soon see what’s possible when it comes to email marketing.

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Do you have more Ecommerce email marketing ideas that we missed to cover here? We’d love to hear them from you! Share them with us in the comments below.