How to Optimize Your Website for Google Answer Box

How to own your answer for google answer box queries?

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Google answer box is a new feature launch by google which provides an immediate answer to the user’s query. It works in the principle of best answer theory having an implementation of that particular answer which provides the best solution to that particular question. It shows the result

on Google’s first page for that ranked answer. Answer box tries to directly answer the question. It is placed on above organic results on the left column and it is in grey.

Various type of Google Answer Box 

1 Google Answer Box with No Source/ General questions

 Most of the time we search on google like what is today’s date and time?

“Today’s Dollar rate ? “with respect to your currency it may vary.

‘How to pronounce some words? ‘

This kind of snippet don’t have any source of reference.

2 Google Answer Boxes with Useless Answers

3 Google Answer Boxes that Provide All the Answers

4 Google Answer Boxes with Your Call to Action

5 Google Answer Boxes with Company Information

6 Google Answer Boxes for Stocks

7 Google Answer Boxes for Your Industry

What is the need to rank for answer box?

  1. To generate organic traffic and to increase more authority to your website.
  2. If your answer ranks on answer box it means you owned answer box queries solutions which definitely gives a good signal for search engine crawler and hence improves ranking.
  3. By giving correct and detailed answer helps in the awareness of the website of your brand as people tend to go on your website for more information.

How to optimize Your Site for Google Answer Box ?

Make sure your page’s SEO title and meta description tell the searcher you have even better information than the Google Answer Box to encourage them to click on your link.

Ranking factors required for the google answer box:

  • Selection of low long keywords with high attainment rate. This can be done with the help of tools like SEMRUSH, AHREFS or free tools like Google keyword planner.
  • Identify the trending topics on google by google’s features itself like:
  1. Searches related to
  2. People ask for or
  3. Similar searches etc.
  • To answer logically and with detailed information.
  • Answer must be in the form of format like list answer, paragraph answer or in the form of table answer.
  • Placement of keywords in page URL, page title or in the header.

Is Google answer box is bane or boon?

For the search user, it’s a blessing as it gives an immediate answer. It will be more beneficial for the user because they don’t have to go through websites or through blogs for their queries they simply find them on the top result. But on the other side, to the website owner, it can be both bane or boon! For the website which is having ranking on the basis of google answer box is gaining blessing as the searcher clicks on it and goes through a website for more detailed information, but for that website which is having the same answer as the answer box is showing trouble. There is a kind of website which is on the first page but is on below position for that specific search query then it is having fewer benefits or probably having great curse we can say.

For the website owner what needs to be done to get user clicks likely to be

more than google answer box :

  1. Find the relevant content to match the answer box queries.
  2. Implement the answer or create the answer of queries asked in the answer box.
  3. Create content which matches the answer of google answer box.
  4. Optimize meta-title and description with the assumption of SEO so that users find your answer is more relevant to their queries.
  5. Your website must be informative so that it can take place in the Google answer box or must be closed in the search query to google answer box.