Top 10 Best SEO Courses in Pune to Become SEO Experts

Are you looking for SEO Courses in Pune to enhance your SEO skills and achieve better rankings on search engine result pages? Look no further, as this blog is your ultimate destination.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest and highly-rated SEO training institutes in Pune. We’ve gathered all the essential details you need, including course curriculum, pricing, renowned instructors, and more.

You will find all the answers to queries regarding the best course, its fees, and the course duration here. Whether you want to do an online or an offline course, this list includes all the details.
Before we dive into the list of top-notch SEO schools and courses in Pune, let’s explore why SEO has gained such immense popularity. There are more than 1 billion websites today and all of them are showjumping for the attention of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, encompasses a range of natural techniques designed to boost your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). In today’s digital landscape, SEO stands out as one of the most sought-after skills in the field of digital marketing.
The higher your web pages rank in search results, the greater your chances of attracting attention and acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones for your business.
Consider Google, for instance. We now turn to Google for answers to everything, from the most trivial to the most crucial inquiries. Google’s top 5 search results are so accurate and valuable that we seldom find the need to venture beyond them.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to master SEO and propel your online presence to new heights. Dive into our carefully curated list of Search Engine Optimization courses and institutions in Pune, and embark on a journey to SEO excellence.

Why is SEO so important for website and business/ company to get noticed?

In the digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the visibility and success of websites and businesses. Here are the key reasons why SEO is of paramount importance:

  1. Enhanced Visibility on Search Engines : SEO is primarily aimed at improving a website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). When your website appears prominently in search results for relevant keywords, it attracts the attention of users. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and a surge in organic traffic.
  2. Trust and Credibility: Websites that secure top positions in search engine rankings are often perceived as more credible and trustworthy by users. Being on the first page of search results, particularly on leading search engines like Google, establishes your authority and reliability within your industry.
  3. Quality Organic Traffic: SEO brings in organic traffic, which is highly targeted. When your website ranks well for specific keywords, you attract visitors who are actively searching for products, services, or information related to your niche. This quality traffic is more likely to convert into customers or clients.
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to paid advertising, SEO is a cost-effective, long-term strategy. Once your website ranks for relevant keywords, you can sustain organic traffic without the need for continuous advertising spending. This makes SEO an economical and sustainable marketing approach.
  5. Competitive Edge: In a digital landscape where most businesses have an online presence, SEO allows you to stand out from the competition. By optimizing your website for improved search rankings, you gain a distinct competitive advantage.
  6. Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of mobile devices for web searches, mobile optimization is critical. SEO ensures your website is mobile-friendly, which is favored by search engines and offers an enhanced user experience, broadening your audience reach.
  7. Local SEO: For businesses catering to specific geographic areas, local SEO is vital. It ensures your business appears in local search results, including platforms like Google Maps, which can drive foot traffic to physical locations.
  8. Data-Driven Insights: SEO tools and analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior, keyword performance, and website traffic. This data empowers you to refine your marketing strategies, create targeted content, and make informed website enhancements.
  9. Adaptation to Algorithm Changes: Search engines frequently update their algorithms, affecting website rankings. SEO professionals stay abreast of these changes and adjust their strategies to maintain or enhance rankings. This adaptability is pivotal for long-term success.
  10. Global Reach: Through SEO, businesses can reach a global audience. By implementing international SEO strategies, you can target users in different regions and languages, expanding your market reach.

Top 10 Professional SEO Courses in Pune Improve your visibility on search engine

Digital Dnyan Academy Pune

Digital Dnyan Academy is the best institute to go to if you’re interested in doing practical based learning of SEO courses with the real-world applications through live projects. Digital Dnyan Academy is a well-known digital marketing institute in pune that has assisted several students in better understanding Search Engine Optimization strategies and trends.

Atul Gondane, an industry-leading expert with a decade of expertise in the Search Engine and Social Media and Digital Marketing business, will train you at Digital Dnyan Academy. Digital Dnyan Academy is a sibling company to his digital marketing agency.
Digital Dnyan Academy provides agency-based learning to its students, which provides them with a terrific learning experience that will help them in various ways. Students can take advantage of free or paid internship offered by different SEO companies in Pune to gain experience with industry standards.

It is also a part of a network of over 100+ national and international placement partners. This enables students to attend interviews at various national and international firms and be put in prestigious positions. SEO Courses in Pune at Digital Dnyan Academy began as an offline course. They then began offering online digital marketing classes as well. With a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors like Akshay Patil, Sudhir Saykar, a website and SEO expert with over 10+ years of expertise in the field, Digital Dnyan Academy provides high quality and industry-specific training to help individuals develop their SEO capabilities and gain a competitive advantage.

The SEO module of the course from Digital Dnyan Academy Pune focuses on the practical applications of SEO, with industry-relevant examples to help students gain a greater understanding of the concepts and ideas presented. Through the course, students will learn about SEO trends and techniques, keyword research, A/B SEO testing,content optimization, website optimization, link building, analytics, youtube SEO and more. As a result, Digital Dnyan Academy provides the best digital marketing & SEO courses available online, which is commendable. This allows anyone from anywhere in the globe to master digital marketing & SEO at a high level. Digital Dnyan Academy makes every effort to make online learning as interesting, informative, and engaging as possible. Digital marketing is a necessity of the hour, and everyone, regardless of their field of work, should be aware of it.

Detail Syllabus

Here is exactly what you will be learning as part of the program:

Module 1 – Basics of SEO – Understand how search engines work using the R-A-U framework (Relevance-Authority-User Experience) to understand all the ranking signals that Google uses, creating the right foundation for your SEO journey. 

Lesson 1. What is SEO? – Overview
Lesson 2. On Page n Off Page
Lesson 3. How does Google work as a search engine?
Lesson 4. White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques
Lesson 5. Difference between Organic (SEO) & Paid (PPC)

Module 2 – Keyword Research -You will be learning how to find high-value, easy to rank keywords using the counterintuitive ToFu method that will help you rank for these keywords even without backlinks & expensive keyword research tools. You will also be learning the 6 Step content framework that will help you write epic SEO optimized content.

Lesson 1. Keywords Introduction
Lesson 2. Types of Keywords
Lesson 3. Keyword Density & LSI Keywords
Lesson 4. Keyword Difficulty & Competition
Lesson 5. Keyword Research Tools
Lesson 6. How To Do Keyword Selection
Lesson 7. Keyword Selection-List 1-Course
Lesson 8. Keyword Selection-List 2-Service
Lesson 9. Keyword Selection-List 3-eCommerce
Lesson 10. Keyword Selection-List 4-Informative/Blogging

Module 3 – On Page SEO – You will get the ultimate tried and tested 15-point OnPage to make sure your OnPage SEO is on point! You will also learn how to write award-winning titles and intriguing introductions for your content.

Lesson 1. How to Create Meta Title
Lesson 2. How To Create Meta Description
Lesson 3. How To Create Meta Keywords
Lesson 4. Meta Tags Optimization with SEO Guideline
Lesson 5. Keyword Placement in WordPress
Lesson 6. Hyperlink/ Anchor optimization
Lesson 7. Header Tag Optimization
Lesson 8. Landing Pages Optimization
Lesson 9. URL Rewriting
Lesson 10. Image Optimization
Lesson 11. Internal Link Structure
Lesson 12. Keyword Density
Lesson 13. Webpage Content

Module 4 – Technical SEO Part 1 – Learn how to nail site architecture and think like a search engine. You will also learn the language of the crawlers and use robots.txt to communicate plus learn everything about mobile SEO and implementing AMP on your website.

Lesson 1. Use of robots.txt optimization
Lesson 2. Sitemap Creation and Submissions
Lesson 3. Canonical Implementation
Lesson 4. Domain Names
Lesson 5. Google Algorithms
Lesson 6. SEO Techniques
Lesson 7. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Module 5 – Technical SEO Part 2 – You will learn how to make your website blazing fast and improve your Google Pagespeed insights score the right way. You will also be learning about structured data, SSL certificates, and optimizing for voice SEO.

 Lesson 1. Structured Data

  • a. Introduction
  • b. Event Schema
  • c. Product Schema
  • d. Recipe Schema
  • e. Article Schema
  • f. FAQ Schema
  • g. Website Schema
  • h. Video Schema
  • i. Local Business Schema
  • j. Sitelink Schema
  • k. How it can Help Boost your Rank

Lesson 2. Website Loading Time
Lesson 3. Loading time Testing Tools 

Module 6 – OffPage SEO Part 1 – In this week, you will learn what a backlink is and how it backlinks made Google the number 1 search engine in the world. You will also be learning about the difference between a dofollow and a nofollow link and a step-by-step guide to building your first set of high-quality backlinks.


Lesson 1. What are Natural Links? How To Create Them?
Lesson 2. Directory/Citation Submission
Lesson 3. Social Bookmarking
Lesson 4. Classified Submission
Lesson 5. Social Profile Creation
Lesson 6. Forums Submission
Lesson 7. Question & Answer Submission
Lesson 8. Blog Commenting
Lesson 9. Press Release Submission
Lesson 10. Infographic Submission
Lesson 11. Article Submission
Lesson 12. PPT, PDF, DOC Submission

Module 7 – OffPage SEO Part 2 – Continuing from week 6, you will be learning about the importance of anchor text and the 4 crucial ways in which you should be building backlinks and uncovering the best source to find backlinking opportunities.

Module 8 – Local SEO – You will learn what Local SEO is and why it is the most underrated channel in SEO. You will also learn how to set up and optimise your Google My Business profile using NAPs.

Lesson 1  How To List Business On Google My Business
Lesson 2 How to Optimize the listing in Google Business Profile

Module 9 – SEO Reporting & Analytics – Learn what metrics to track using Google Analytics and create monthly reports and an intuitive real-time dashboard. You will learn how to set up Google Analytics and integrate it with Google Looker Studio to create a real-time dashboard for your SEO performance.

Module 10 – Site Audit, Strategy, and Proposal – Learn how to perform a complete site audit from scratch and craft a realistic SEO strategy. You will also learn how to price your SEO services and manage your SEO project without getting overwhelmed.

Module 11- Google Ranking Factors

  • Lesson 1. Domain Age
  • Lesson 2. Keywords Appear in TLD
  • Lesson 3. Domain Registration Length
  • Lesson 4. Domain History
  • Lesson 5. Country TLD Extension
  • Lesson 6. Keyword in Title Tag
  • Lesson 7. Keyword in Description Tag
  • Lesson 8. Keyword in H1 Tag
  • Lesson 9. Content Length
  • Lesson 10. Page Loading Speed
  • Lesson 11. Image Optimization
  • Lesson 12. Magnitude of Content Updates
  • Lesson 13. Keyword Prominence/LSI
  • Lesson 14. No.of Outbound Links
  • Lesson 15. Broken Links
  • Lesson 16. URL Length
  • Lesson 17. Domain Trust/Authority
  • Lesson 18. Presence of Sitemap
  • Lesson 19. Server Location
  • Lesson 20. SSL Certificate
  • Lesson 21. Mobile Optimized – Usability
  • Lesson 22. Use of Analytics & Webmaster
  • Lesson 23. User Reviews
  • Lesson 24. Linking Domain Authority
  • Lesson 25. Links from .gov & .edu domains, Social Media & Wiki
  • Lesson 26. Backlink Anchor Text
  • Lesson 27. Link Location on Page
  • Lesson 28. Bounce Rate
  • Lesson 29. Direct Traffic – Repeat Traffic

Why Digital Dnyan Academy

  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Live & Interactive Sessions
  • 15+ hours of Learning
  • Live Case Studies
  • Industry Connect
  • Access to Freelance Marketplace
  • 9+ Tools Covered
  • 1-Year Access to Query Resolution Support
  • Updated Course
  • Feedback Session
  • 24*7 Community Support
  • Live Projects
  • Assignment Based Training
  • Interview Preparation
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Industry-recognized Digital Dnyan Academy Certification

Who Should Consider Attending SEO Classes in Pune?

SEO, with its various levels of complexity, is a skill that can benefit individuals across diverse professions. Committing to mastering the fundamentals of SEO can yield remarkable results. Regardless of your career or educational background, you can enroll in SEO classes in Pune to acquire this highly sought-after skill, which can pave the way for a brighter future. The following individuals and groups are encouraged to consider SEO classes in Pune:

Marketing Executives and Online Marketers: Understanding SEO is crucial for professionals in the marketing field. It enhances their ability to drive organic traffic and improve online visibility for their businesses or clients.

Managers of Web Developers and Designers: Managers responsible for web development and design teams can benefit from SEO knowledge. It allows them to oversee projects with SEO best practices in mind, resulting in websites that rank well on search engines.

Computer Programmers: SEO skills can complement the technical expertise of computer programmers. They can ensure that the websites and applications they build are optimized for search engines.

Job Seekers and Students: Job seekers looking to enhance their skill set and students interested in a career in digital marketing should consider SEO classes. SEO expertise can make them more attractive candidates in a competitive job market.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: SEO is a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve their online presence and compete with larger competitors. Learning SEO can help them grow their businesses.

Consultants in Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing consultants can expand their service offerings by incorporating SEO strategies. It adds value to their client relationships by boosting online visibility and lead generation.

Individuals Interested in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing: Anyone intrigued by the world of SEO and internet marketing can benefit from SEO classes. It’s an opportunity to explore and develop a valuable skill set.

Those Looking to Improve Website Rankings: Individuals or businesses with existing websites seeking higher search engine rankings should consider SEO classes. Learning effective optimization techniques can lead to improved website visibility.

Digital Dnyan Academy SEO Courses Fees

Course Name : Advanced SEO Course in Pune
Course Duration  : 1 Month
Course Mode :  Online/Offline
Course Fees : INR 12000 to 20000
Website Details:  Advanced SEO Course in Pune

Join Advanced SEO Course in Pune

IIDE – The Digital School

The Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of India’s largest and most successful digital marketing colleges. Founded by Karan Shah in 2016, it has trained over 1,00,000 students via online, offline, and on-demand mediums. The Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020 also named IIDE “India’s Best Digital Learning Institute.” IIDE offers an Online SEO Course that follows an advanced teaching methodology from the numerous specialised courses available. The course begins with watching high-quality video lectures, followed by live online sessions and a ‘Book a Mentor’ facility as well. Want to learn more about this SEO course? Here’s everything you need to know about IIDE’s online SEO course with certification. But before we get into the details of the course, here’s a glimpse of student life at IIDE.
SEO Course Syllabus
Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training
Keyword Research: Integral part of On-page SEO
On-page SEO Tutorial
Google- proofing your website
Off-page SEO Tutorials
Google Search Consoles
Blackhat Techniques

SEO Course Faculty
IIDE has a team of wonderful trainers, who are industry experts and have hands-on experience in the subject they teach. This helps the students learn from the top business leaders and get some insights into the corporate world.

SEO Course Duration & Fees
The duration of the online SEO course in Pune is approximately 14 hours. The SEO course fees are INR 7,000. This fee may appear to be a little on the high side, but have a look at the course highlights:

SEO Course Highlights
Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
6+ Hours of Live Class
9+ SEO Tools
1 Hour of Video Lectures
Access to Video Lecture for 30 days
Practice Tests & Assignments
Learn From Experts
Dedicated Q&A Support and Help
100% Internship Opportunities
Certification Offered
On completion of this online SEO course, you will be able to rank your website higher on Google and become an SEO professional. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

Student Reviews
It is always said that learning from the best will give you a better understanding and a great experience. So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of how learning is at IIDE, sign up for this free masterclass led by Mr Karan Shah, CEO, and founder of IIDE, himself on the basics of digital marketing. This masterclass is not directly related to SEO but will give you an overview of digital marketing. This way you get to learn something new and also decide if our teaching style works for you.

Contact Details
Phone: +91 7304442840
Email: [email protected]


Pashium International Institute of Digital Marketing (PDIIM) was established in 2018, with the vision to empower aspirants with digital knowledge. It has a team with practical experience that can help you acquire digital marketing knowledge. PDIIM trainers have implemented all modules and covered every single topic that comes under SEO.

SEO Class Content

Search Engine Fundamental
✓ What Is Search Engine
✓ Top Search Engines
✓ How Search Engine Works

Introduction to SEO
✓ What Is SEO
✓ Types Of SEO

On-Page SEO
✓ What Are Meta Tags & Importance
✓ Meta Title
✓ Meta Description
✓ Meta Keywords
✓ URL Optimization
✓ Content Optimization
✓ Keywords / Keywords Density
✓ Bold / Italic / Underline
✓ Heading 1 To 6
✓ Anchor Text
✓ Page Load Time Optimization
✓ Image Optimization
✓ Favicon

Local SEO
✓ Local SEO Introduction
✓ Local SEO Ranking Factors
✓ Google My Business Setup

Keyword Research
✓ What Is Keyword & Keyword Research
✓ Tools Used For Keyword Research
✓ How To Use Keyword Planner
✓ Types Of Keywords

SEO Techniques
✓ White Hat SEO Techniques
✓ BlackHat SEO Techniques
✓ Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Apart from these PIIDM Advanced SEO training promises 100% placement assistance, 100% practical sessions, affordable fees, ISO certification, 10+ latest modules, portfolio building and evaluation, study portal and material, lifetime support, 10+ years of experienced faculty, personal mentorship, 10+ assignments, and online training.

Victorrious Digiital

Victorious Digital is a top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune. They offer 42 lessons that teach you all you need to know about digital marketing. Furthermore, they provide practical knowledge and, as a result, training through the use of actual projects. According to their website, 2500 students have participated in their programme, and they guarantee 100 % career help to anyone searching for a job in digital marketing.

SEO Course Syllabus
Search engine and its basic
Google Algorithm
Domain names and extensions
Website wireframe and architecture
Keyword research
Paid / spam blogging
SEO Tools
Google Analytics Tool
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
SEO Course Duration & Fees
There are classroom and online modes available for the SEO course which is for 25-30 hours. To get all the fee details we recommend you to get in touch with them through the contact details provided below.

SEO Course Highlights
Get 100% JOB Placements
Become a Blogger, Freelancer, Trainer & Service Provider.
Get DEMO Class Online


NSDM has developed unique “five moments of learning” methodologies that involve five separate phases. NSDM features two facilities in Pune – Deccan and Koregaon Park – as well as flexible weekday and weekend batches. During the course duration, students get access to premium resources as well as lifelong learning access via their LMS platform.

SEO Course Syllabus

Website planning and analysis
Understanding web technologies
Introduction to SEO
What are search engines?
How do search engines work?
Understanding search engine algorithms
Traffic vs Hits
In-depth keyword research and analysis
Types of keywords
Keyword mapping
Comprehensive competition analysis
How to conduct an SEO audit?
White hat vs black hat practices
Content analysis
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

SEO Course Duration & Fees
The Duration of the course is highly flexible, are takes place on the weekdays and weekends at your convenience. For Fees-related and other inquiries, we kindly request you to contact the below-given details.

SEO Course Highlights
Learn from SEO experts
Learning by doing approach
Global standard curriculum
Live projects and case studies

Contact Details
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7276527456/880634015

TIP - Training Institue Pune

TIP – Training Institute in Pune is a pioneer in training Institutes providing various professional training courses for multiple technologies. Proficient professionals and experts constitute an institute. 

Their corporate-based training strives to equip students with the most effective possible training so that they can adapt to the digital marketing industry and its developments.
TIP is the Leading Professional Training Institute for SEO, Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. They also offer other IT Training’s like AngularJS, MVC, Python, Salesforce, Data Science, AI, Blockchain Hadoop, RPA (Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UI Path) Informatics, Selenium. 

SEO Course Syllabus
On page
Off page
Content creation
SEO Analysis
Keyword Research & Keyword Placement
Google Search Console Tool
Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Reporting and Analysis Tools
Web Designing

Course Fees and Duration
For Fees-related, Duration, and other inquiries, we kindly request you to contact the below-given details

Course Highlights
Flexibility in Timings
Expert Trainers
Job assistance
Contact Details
Phone: 080077 77243